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Announcing the Little Big Union!

Industrial Workers of the World - Mon, 2019-03-18 19:23

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Workers at Little Big Burger know that our safety, well-being, and voices are important. Every single day we serve customers, cook food, bus tables, and wash dishes. We have formed the Little Big Union to ensure Little Big Burger is truly inclusive of our collective voice as workers.

Portland, Oregon is ground zero for fast food organizing. We love this city and call the Pacific Northwest our home. However, rent and the cost of living have continued to increase while our wages have not. Now, it is increasingly difficult to live in the neighborhoods we serve. This is why we are proud to stand in solidarity with the Burgerville Workers Union, as members of the Industrial Workers of the World, in the fight to make food service an honest, dignified, and dependable job.

Little Big Burger is no longer a small business, they were acquired by North Carolina-based multinational corporation Chanticleer Holdings in 2015. Us workers and our families depend on this job for our livelihood, and we hope those who prepare the food, serve the guests, and create the environment that has built Little Big Burger stand to grow with our company. Workers continue to struggle by stretching our paychecks month to month, surviving off minimum wage, unreliable tips, and inconsistent schedules released often a day or two before we work. We are proud of the hard work we provide Little Big Burger, which is why we demand:

  • $5 raises
  • Fair and consistent scheduling
  • Safe and Healthy workplaces
  • Respectful and professional conduct from management
  • Benefits like child care, paid parental leave, quality healthcare, food boxes, bus passes, parking passes, and shift beers
  • Paid sick leave and vacation time
  • Worker autonomy to refuse service to abusive/dangerous customers
  • Holiday pay
  • Transparent hiring and firing policies
  • Sanctuary workplaces

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Educators Stage United Statewide Walkout

Industrial Workers of the World - Thu, 2019-02-07 12:39
“Why did they march?” A mini-documentary from the Richmond IWW


Thousands of education workers from all around the commonwealth of Virginia descended on the capitol city of Richmond in what was the largest single demonstration on the Capitol since 1916. The Richmond IWW was contacted by the lead organizers of this mass action for advice, assistance, and solidarity.

The IWW’s involvement in the action itself, while not irrelevant, was also small in comparison to the efforts put forward by the rank-and-file teachers that built the RedForEd movement in Virginia from the ground up. We are proud to know and have marched beside these brave educators, some of whom are now also wobblies!

Members of the branch were able to interview some of the folks that made this amazing day happen. These educators give their own personal details as to why they got involved, why they marched, and why they need more than VA is willing to give. Please watch this video with a full heart and pass it along to your friends…then take action!

Donate to the VA Educators Solidarity Fund

Visit Virginia Educators United to learn more about this movement!


Watch Virginia Educators United March 1/28/19 from Richmond IWW on Vimeo.


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IWW – Solidarity with Swedish Workers

Industrial Workers of the World - Tue, 2018-12-18 11:59


The IWW expresses its solidarity with SAC – Syndikalisterna, other grassroots unions, and Swedish workers.

We note that the Swedish government, in collaboration with big business and mainstream trade unions are proposing legislation that would severely restrict the right of workers to take industrial action in defence of their interests.

We consider this attack on Swedish workers as a form of class war more to be expected from authoritarian regimes than from a social democratic government and union bureaucracies who are in clear collaboration with the capitalist class.

In particular it will be illegal for Swedish unions to engage in strikes or other forms of action, including handing out leaflets outside a workplace for any other purpose than not having a collective bargaining agreement with an employer. The only recourse for discrimination or illegal sackings will now be a flawed labour court system.

It will be illegal to engage in a strike to get a collective bargaining agreement if a union is “known to not usually sign or hold” such an agreement. It will also be illegal to strike to get a collective bargaining agreement if there is already a collective bargaining agreement with another union – even if they have no members in the workplace or sector.

These proposals will severely reduce the potential for independent solidarity unions to take industrial action of any kind.

They also enable employers to create their own yellow unions or to incite unions organising the same workplaces into competition that suits the employer rather than the workers.

These proposals contravene ILO conventions ratified by Sweden in the 1940s as well as European Convention articles on the right to free association and the right to union organisation.

The IWW extends solidarity and applauds Swedish unions and workers who have taken to the streets in recent months in an effort to resist these reactionary proposals becoming law. Representatives from Danish and Norwegian unions have also campaigned at home as well as attending protests in Stockholm.

In recent decades the struggle against the restriction of union rights has become central to the global class war and it must therefore always be waged internationally. The IWW stands with our Fellow Workers in struggle in Sweden and across the world.

Industrial Workers of the World

Wales Ireland Scotland England Regional Administration, North American Regional Administration, Greece Regional Organising Committee

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La IWW se afilia con la Confederacion Internacional del Trabajo

Industrial Workers of the World - Sat, 2018-12-08 15:44

CHICAGO - En su referendo anual, la administración norteamericana de la IWW (Industrial Workers of the World / Trabajadores Industriales del Mundo) votó abrumadoramente a afiliarse a la recién formada Confederación Internacional del Trabajo (CIT). La CIT es una organización internacional que une a sindicatos revolucionarios en ocho paises de Europa, América Latina, y Norte América.

La CIT se enfoque en desarrollar un modelo visible del sindicalismo revolucionario, una manera de formar sindicatos basados en la solidaridad y la acción directa, y que prefiguren un mundo liberado del capitalismo. Los sindicatos de la CIT ya están coordinando su actividad entre trabajadores de apps, como los de Deliveroo y Foodora, incluso con huelgas coordinadas contra Deliveroo en varios paises.

La IWW aporta nuestra experiencia organizando en prisiones con el Comité Organizador de Trabajadores Encarcelados (Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee / IWOC). La CIT y sus secciones apoyaron a la huelga de encarcelados que ocurrió en los EEUU este año, para el cual IWOC jugó un rol importante. A traves de la CIT, la IWW ha empezado a contactar sindicatos de encarcelados en otros paises.

Más aún que la práctica sindical diaria, la CIT da lugar a sus secciones a compartir experiencias de luchas masivas obreras. Este año, la Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT - sección española de la CIT) jugó un rol importante en coordinar una Huelga General Feminista el 8 de Marzo, que la CNT y la CIT quieren tomar como ejemplo para 2019.

El voto de la IWW a afiliarse con la CIT culmina varios años de colaboración entre estos sindicatos para dar esta Internacional a luz. Queremos continuar desarrollando nuestros proyectos mutuos y formando relaciones en otros partes del mundo. La IWW va a compartir su experiencia y aprender de la experiencia de otros - a inspirar y ser inspirada. Con las crises económicas, ecológicas, y políticas que el capitalismo nos trae e intensifica, hace falta un vibrante e internacionalista movimiento revolucionario ahora más que nunca.

Viva la Internacional!

Industrial Workers of the World - Administración Regional Norteaméricana

Afiliada con la Confederación Internacional del Trabajo

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IWW Affiliates to International Confederation Labor

Industrial Workers of the World - Tue, 2018-12-04 23:10

CHICAGO—In its annual referendum, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) North American Regional Administration voted overwhelmingly to officially join the recently formed International Confederation of Labor (ICL). The ICL is an international organization linking together revolutionary unions in eight different countries in Europe, Latin America, and North America.

The focus of the ICL is building a visible model for revolutionary unionism, a way to build unions that are based on solidarity, direct action, and which prefigure a world which has shaken off capitalism. ICL unions have already begun to coordinate their activity among app-based workers, such as those working for Deliveroo and Foodora, leading to coordinated strikes against Deliveroo in multiple countries.

The IWW brings to the table our growing experience organizing in prisons through the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC). The ICL and its member unions endorsed the U.S. #PrisonStrike earlier this year, which was co-led by IWOC. Through the ICL, the IWW has begun to make contact with unions of prisoners in other countries.

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