Bruins Foundation 50/50 Current Articles Feed - Fri, 2019-11-15 02:55
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MDA Fundraiser Current Articles Feed - Tue, 2019-10-22 03:00
Santos JR Ortiz here,    
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New Fire Alarm Operators Oath of Office Current Articles Feed - Sat, 2019-10-05 12:17
On October 3, 2019 Fire Commissioner Joe Finn administered the Oath of Office to our new Fire Alarm Operatores at Memorial Hall. (L to R) Commissoner Joe Finn-Asst.Superintendent Dave Marshall- FAO Karla Spinale-FAO-Larry Buechs-FAO Francine Lynch-FAO Kara Lentini- Superintendent Steve Keely.
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IAFF Fire ground Survival Program Current Articles Feed - Sat, 2019-09-28 01:47
Boston Firefighters Local 718 President Bob Petitti-IAFF GS Ed Kelly-IAFF 3rd DVP Jay Colbert-BFD Commissioner Joe Finn-PFFM President Rich MacKinnon Jr. along with IAFF members at the presintaion of the IAFF Fireground Survival Trailer.   
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Boston Fire Local 718 Liar’s Club annual Vendome Memorial Breakfast. Current Articles Feed - Sun, 2019-09-08 17:04
Local 718 Treasurer Joe Quinn-PFFM President Richard MacKinnon Jr.- IAFF Secretary Treasurer Edward Kelly-Local 718 President Robert Petitti and Vice President John Sarro at  Boston Fire Local 718 Liar’s Club annual Vendome Memorial Breakfast.
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The Southern New England Brotherhood Ride stopped at Florian today to honor the families of 3 BFD members lost in 2018. Current Articles Feed - Sun, 2019-08-25 14:18
Southern New England Brotherhood Ride members stopped by Florian Hall Saturday August 24th to honor three of our Brothers. Brother Ed Paris Jr. Brother Richard Steiner and Brother Jamie Galarza Jr. Members of their families were on hand for this event
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