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Updated: 5 years 40 weeks ago

WIN Labor Report: May 20, 2013

Sun, 2013-05-19 09:05
* Activists protest LA Times takeover rumors by Kochs * More protections for California paid family leave program

WIN Labor Report: May 17, 2013

Thu, 2013-05-16 13:59
* North American companies reject Bangladesh safety plan * SEIU's Medina says the political moment for immigration must be seized

WIN Labor Report: May 16, 2013

Wed, 2013-05-15 14:40
* Defense Department to start sequester furloughs * Rallies calling for higher retail wages spread * Help us build a working family news app

WIN Labor Report: May 15, 2013

Wed, 2013-05-15 05:15
* UC medical centers could see two-day strike * UMWA heats up fight with Patriot Coal

WIN Labor Report: May 14, 2013

Mon, 2013-05-13 10:05
* Price of reform: 1127 lives * Labor leaders call on president to keep SS promise * AT&T Park workers authorize strike

WIN Labor Report: May 13, 2013

Sun, 2013-05-12 17:09
* Palermo workers continue boycott push * Organized labor keeps pressure on

WIN Labor Report: May 10, 2013

Thu, 2013-05-09 13:00
Chicago, Los Angeles Citizens Protest Billionaire Koch Brothers Bid To Buy Several Tribune Company Daily Newspapers
Thirteen Thousand AFSCME Health Technical Workers Authorize A Strike At University of California Medical Centers
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Would Further Erode Local Control For Municipalities

WIN Labor Report: May 9, 2013

Wed, 2013-05-08 15:18
* Chicago activists focus on Bank of America * Louisiana funding for voucher program unconstitutional * Oregon moves toward labor rights for domestic workers * Amazon warehouse workers file class action lawsuit

WIN Labor Report: May 8, 2013

Tue, 2013-05-07 21:58
* Teamsters warn Congress against heavier trucks * AFL President says vets can do better than Walmart * NTEU continues sequester protests * Same-sex partners still have gateway to insurance in Michigan

WIN Labor Report: May 7, 2013

Mon, 2013-05-06 17:44
* Pipefitters protest at Michigan plant construction * Ohio GOP have no stomach for anti-union bills * Port workers locked out in Portland

WIN Labor Report: May 6, 2013

Sun, 2013-05-05 07:15
* Special Report: Connecticut's May Day focuses on job creation and immigration

WIN Labor Report: May 3, 2013

Thu, 2013-05-02 13:00
* Las Vegas Taxi Drivers Win 60-Day Strike At Yellow Checker Star Transportation
* Big Victory For American Federation Of Teachers As They Organize 13 Chicago Charter Schools
* California Continues Progressive Immigration Reform With Focus On Employers

WIN Labor Report: May 2, 2013

Wed, 2013-05-01 13:51
* Bangladesh death toll breaks 400 * Bucky Badger isn't a union buster * Hawaii provides labor rights to domestic workers

WIN Labor Report: May 1, 2013

Tue, 2013-04-30 13:19
* IT worker shortage in US? Not so much * Mine workers rally in St. Louis * Walmart refuses workers petition

WIN Labor Report April 30, 2013

Tue, 2013-04-30 05:33
* Fast food workers vow to continue push for better wages * U.S. Steel locks out Canadian workers

WIN Labor Report: April 29, 2013

Sat, 2013-04-27 14:53
* Bangladesh in focus over Worker Memorial Day

WIN Labor Report: April 26, 2013

Thu, 2013-04-25 14:17
* Kaiser workers in home stretch of historic election

WIN Labor Report: April 25, 2013

Wed, 2013-04-24 17:50
* Thousands of workers strike for living wage in Chicago * Canadian U.S. Steel plant could face lockout or strike * CWA continues knife fight with TSA

WIN Labor Report: April 24, 2013

Tue, 2013-04-23 13:00
Hundreds Of Building Trades Union Leaders And Members To Rally In Support Of Keystone XL Pipeline - 04/24/13

Utility Workers President Michael Langford Says A ‘Greening’ Of U.S. Economy Should Start With Infrastructure - 04/24/13

Striking Las Vegas ITPEU/OPEIU Taxi Drivers Demonstrate At Nevada Capitol - 04/24/13

Boston Union Members Help Form Human Shield To Protect Grieving Family Members From Westboro Baptist Church - 04/24/13

WIN Labor Report: April 23, 2013

Mon, 2013-04-22 13:00
CWA Chief Economist: Both Labor And Environmentalists Recognize How Critical It Is To Work Together
Teamsters Suspend Youngstown Ohio Republic Services/Allied Waste Strike
Colorado Workers Are Closer To Getting More Protection From “Defensive” Employer Lockouts