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USA : Working People Are Watching, Mr. President

LabourStart US - Wed, 2018-01-17 20:15
Source: AFL-CIO

Benin: Public sector workers strike for the right to strike

LabourStart - Wed, 2018-01-17 20:00
LabourStart headline - Source: News24

Fiji: Fiji warned aviation stand-off will hurt tourism

LabourStart - Wed, 2018-01-17 20:00
LabourStart headline - Source: RNZI

Germany: Thousands join industrial Worker strikes, Opel next

LabourStart - Wed, 2018-01-17 20:00
LabourStart headline - Source: Reuters

Russia: ITUC Denounces Court Decision to Dissolve Trade Union

LabourStart - Wed, 2018-01-17 20:00
LabourStart headline - Source: ITUC

Bitcoin Falls 28% To 6-Week Low

The Onion - Wed, 2018-01-17 16:52

Stoking fears of a potential cryptocurrency bubble, bitcoin has fallen in value below $10,000, bringing it to its lowest level since mid-December. What do you think?


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Working People Are Watching, Mr. President

AFL-CIO Weblog - Wed, 2018-01-17 16:18
Working People Are Watching, Mr. President

To Washington, D.C. insiders, this month’s budget negotiations are just the latest partisan exercise in a series of manufactured crises that too often result in short-term solutions. But for those who live and work outside of the Beltway bubble, much more is at stake.

What happens in the coming days has the potential to fundamentally shift the balance of power in the workplace. Nothing less than the right to dream, live, work and retire in security is on the table as Congress faces key decisions and deadlines.

It is hard to be optimistic given the House and Senate’s last major action: a budget-busting, worker-bashing tax cut designed to further enrich big corporations, concentrate wealth in the hands of the few and ship jobs overseas.

The bill President Trump signed into law is a moral and economic abomination, which is why poll after poll show the vast majority of Americans oppose it. If there was ever a time to change course and start governing on behalf of working people, this is it.

Read the full post in The Hill.

Kenneth Quinnell Wed, 01/17/2018 - 15:18

Follow-Up Tests Confirm President Trump’s 19 Other Personalities Also Perfectly Healthy

The Onion - Wed, 2018-01-17 15:18

WASHINGTON—After yesterday’s announcement that the president received a perfect score on his cognitive assessment, White House physician Ronny L. Jackson told reporters Wednesday that follow-up tests confirmed that President Trump’s 19 other personalities are also perfectly healthy. “After an extensive psychological…


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Huckabee Sanders Repeatedly Insists That President’s Footprints Created The Great Lakes

The Onion - Wed, 2018-01-17 14:23

WASHINGTON—Chastising the assembled reporters for failing to cover the story, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeatedly insisted Wednesday that President Trump’s footprints created the Great Lakes. “In its relentless effort to undermine this administration, the media has completely ignored the fact that Lake…


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Man Always Gets Emotional On Anniversary Of Father’s Death He Orchestrated

The Onion - Wed, 2018-01-17 12:06

PHOENIX—Saying this time of year always dredges up memories of that fateful night, local man Alan Dahlgren admitted Wednesday he becomes emotional on the anniversary of his father’s passing, a death he personally orchestrated.


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NJ AFL-CIO Praises Gov. Murphy on Equal Pay Order

AFL-CIO Weblog - Wed, 2018-01-17 11:51
NJ AFL-CIO Praises Gov. Murphy on Equal Pay Order

Marking one of his first actions in office, Governor Phil Murphy (D) signed an executive order, promoting equal pay for equal work for women. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO released the following statement following the announcement:

"Governor Murphy’s executive order to promote equal pay for equal work makes it clear that his administration will fight for all working families and do everything in its power to ensure justice and equality in the workplace," stated New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech. "On behalf of the state labor movement, we praise this long overdue action and look forward to a new era of progress for our state’s working families."

New Jersey State AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Laurel Brennan stated, "Our state is positioned to advance the fight for women’s equality and economic justice, and the steps taken today show that organized labor, along with our state leadership, are ready to lead the way."

Kenneth Quinnell Wed, 01/17/2018 - 10:51

In Houston, Working Families Seek to Reclaim King's Dream

AFL-CIO Weblog - Wed, 2018-01-17 11:47
In Houston, Working Families Seek to Reclaim King's Dream IAM

This past weekend in Houston, the AFL-CIO hosted its Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil and Human Rights Conference, with a theme of "Reclaiming Our Dream: Strategize, Organize, Mobilize." Hundreds of working family advocates came together to shift the rules and build power so that working communities can thrive and families can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Here are some key tweets from the weekend:

Evelyn Smith of CWA 6222 rocks National Anthem at #1uMLK. #AFLCIO #TxAFLCIO. pic.twitter.com/pJwFQ5eykP

— Texas AFL-CIO (@TexasAFLCIO) January 12, 2018

To widespread encouragement, Fred Redmond of #USW calls out @realDonaldTrump for racist remarks about Haiti & African nations to open #1uMLK. Then moment of silence. #TxAFLCIO #AFLCIO pic.twitter.com/E7IgpAhzqc

— Texas AFL-CIO (@TexasAFLCIO) January 12, 2018

#Labor “can’t be the middle of the spear. We need to be the tip of the spear” in fighting sexual harassment., @RichardTrumka tells #1uMLK. #AFLCIO #TxAFLCIO pic.twitter.com/Apl2ws3sPL

— Texas AFL-CIO (@TexasAFLCIO) January 12, 2018

‘Colin Kaepernick had a lot to risk and yet he took action. There’s a whole lot to learn from the courage he showed. If the flag means anything, it means the right to protest and speak out’ @richardtrumka #1uMLK

— AFL-CIO (@AFLCIO) January 12, 2018

Awesome to see so many people participating in the @AFLCIO #1UMLK inclusion workshop pic.twitter.com/WU9Bsbmpwe

— DeLane (@delane392) January 12, 2018

When asked what did you do for the least, the last & the lost, the men & women of labor can say they were there for the least, the last & the lost! @RepAlGreen reminds #1uMLK why we join together this weekend pic.twitter.com/GXvCJnQicT

— AFL-CIO (@AFLCIO) January 13, 2018

Unionists answers the call when Community is in need.. regardless of economic status, legal status, gender or sexual identity. Unionists fight to rebuild & strengthen our communities. Dora Cervantes, Secretary General for the mighty @MachinistsUnion & @LCLAA E-board memb #1uMLK pic.twitter.com/wupylHY4Bj

— Cesar Moreno Perez (@profe_c) January 13, 2018

Union members are powering the food sorting operation at @HoustonFoodBank for our #1uMLK Day of Community Service pic.twitter.com/G3idLyKXY6

— AFL-CIO (@AFLCIO) January 13, 2018

TWU Members working in a disaster relief food bank to provide basic needs for families. Standing together as a Union family helping those who need help in Houston. #1uMLK @transportworker pic.twitter.com/EEtXa472hg

— Gary L Shults (@ShultsGL) January 13, 2018

To honor Dr. King is to work every day to dismantle racism. #1uMLK pic.twitter.com/vs76h7TIVJ

— AFL-CIO (@AFLCIO) January 13, 2018

Dr. King taught us how to confront an unjust power structure. Labor has the infrastructure to fight the horrible extremism we’re facing in this political moment. We know how to get it done. - @LCLAA Exec Director @Hesanche to #1uMLK pic.twitter.com/0IYBzP7z8q

— AFL-CIO (@AFLCIO) January 14, 2018

Jaida Curtis representing @CLUWNational talks about the importance of connecting the activism of young people and seasoned organizers to build power for working people #1uMLK @AFLCIONextUp pic.twitter.com/KB266mbxm9

— AFL-CIO (@AFLCIO) January 14, 2018

.@Rafael_Navar National Political Director for @cwaunion - We have to double down on the most important resource of our movement, our people. We have to develop political programs that turns them into future Dr. Kings and Fannie Lou Hamers #1uMLK pic.twitter.com/N6E47bLMPe

— AFL-CIO (@AFLCIO) January 14, 2018

.@AFSCME President, Lee Saunders, talking about the #IAM2018 campaign to lift up racial justice, labor rights, & economic justice. Inspired by sanitation workers in Memphis & MLK who marched with them. https://t.co/USueMgHdrB #1uMLK pic.twitter.com/TMUpcGYuef

— APALA (@APALAnational) January 15, 2018

Even in the darkest hours I feel hope in our movement, because our movement has the most courageous and selfless leaders I have ever met - Sec-Treasurer @lizshuler introducing @APWUnational Sec-Treasurer Liz Powell, At the River Where I Stand awardee #1uMLK pic.twitter.com/AYjr7eEt14

— AFL-CIO (@AFLCIO) January 15, 2018

“Civil Rights in 2018 is much broader than black and white.” -@rustyhicks at our @KingDayParade reception #1uMLK pic.twitter.com/rI5aYaWiEO

— The LA Fed (@LALabor) January 15, 2018


Working people honor the life & legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We will always march ahead, together. #1u #1uMLK #MLKDay pic.twitter.com/0nJzYcoonW

— AFL-CIO (@AFLCIO) January 15, 2018 Kenneth Quinnell Wed, 01/17/2018 - 10:47

Scientist Find Genetic Basis For Bad Breath

The Onion - Wed, 2018-01-17 11:42

By studying a range of individuals with persistent cabbage-scented breath, scientists have isolated a gene called SELENBP1 that generates sulphur-containing molecules and results in bad breath. What do you think?


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From Christmas Trees to Casinos: Worker Wins

AFL-CIO Weblog - Wed, 2018-01-17 10:10
From Christmas Trees to Casinos: Worker Wins Culinary Workers Union Local 226

Our latest roundup of worker wins begins with a victory for Christmas tree workers in North Carolina and includes numerous examples of working people organizing, bargaining and mobilizing for a better life.

FLOC Helps Christmas Tree Workers in Wage Theft Victory: Working people at a Christmas tree farm in North Carolina got some cheerful news when the wage theft case they pursued with the help of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) led to a $350,000 settlement with the company.

Green Valley Ranch Continues Organizing Trend at Station Casinos: Green Valley Ranch became the fourth Station Casinos-operated property where workers voted to join together in union since 2015. More than 900 workers will be represented by the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and Bartenders Union Local 165, Nevada affiliates of UNITE HERE.

D.C. Streetcar Workers Win First Contract: After nearly two years, D.C. Streetcar workers have voted for representation by Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 689. The streetcar's private operators, The Midtown and RATP Dev North America, signed a deal that includes competitive wages and affordable health insurance.

Retired Mine Workers Stave Off Another Attack on Health Care from CONSOL: Some 3,400 retired miners represented by Mine Workers (UMWA) and their dependents and widows will continue to receive health care after a federal appeals court rejected an attempt by Consol Energy to stop paying retiree benefits, despite a promise to pay them in a collective bargaining agreement.

Nurses Continue to Organize Across the Country: National Nurses United (NNU) and their affiliates have continued a long string of victorious organizing campaigns by successfully organizing at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital and by ratifying a new contract at Rideout Regional Medical Center in California.

Omni Air International Flight Attendants Ratify Their First Contract: Flight Attendants at Omni Air International (represented by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA [AFA-CWA]), voted by 78% to ratify their first contract. The new deal includes immediate pay raises, defined schedules and work rules, and increased job security. 

New York Papa John's Workers Win Back Wages: New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced a settlement with the franchise owner of three Papa John's Pizza franchise stores in Brooklyn. The owner will pay nearly $172,000 to more than 100 workers after the stores were found to have violated minimum wage and overtime laws, as well as taking unlawful deductions from workers' wages.

Firefighters Finally Secure Congressional Reauthorization of Safety Programs: Two programs designed to maintain the safety of firefighters, Assistance to Firefighters (AFG) and Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER), were reauthorized as the last act of legislative business for 2017. The two programs will be each funded with $750 million, providing critical resources for firefighters in every state.

Hard Rock Las Vegas Workers Reach Settlement: After the Culinary Workers Union filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging that the company had committed federal labor law violations, Hard Rock reached a settlement with the workers.

More Than 350 Emissions Workers in Michigan to Join UAW: After a vicious anti-union campaign by management, 366 working people at the Eberspächer emissions plant in Brighton, Michigan, will be joining UAW. The factory supplies emissions systems to CNH Industrial, Freightliner, Mack, Detroit Diesel and Volvo Trucks.

Kenneth Quinnell Wed, 01/17/2018 - 09:10
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