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Integrate Online Communications

Website Management module allows non-technical managers to build and
maintain professional websites that integrate seamlessly with your
membership, fundraising, advocacy, and other outreach initiatives.
Using the GetActive Suite™ for all of your online communications
ensures that your members and supporters will receive a single,
coordinated message from your organization.

Download the Website Management data sheet


  • Coordinate all online communications
    by integrating a variety of online initiatives into your website --
    including advocacy, fundraising, or event campaigns -- giving your
    message greater impact
  • Simplify content publishing using using our step-by-step web page wizard and user-friendly WYSIWYG editor
  • Build dynamic navigation based on folder structure or categories and implement it in page templates
  • Eliminate the need for in-house administration with GetActive's reliable, stable infrastructure

Key Product Features

  • Intuitive information architecture - use our "Website Explorer" interface to easily create folder for pages, image files, and other documents
  • Template-driven web pages - separate content from page structure and maintain consistent look and feel across websites with multiple authors
  • Image library - upload images into secure libraries within your folder structure; scale, rotate, or crop images directly from image library
  • Members-only pages - make folders available to the general public or restrict access to registered members
  • Content import
    - import content directly from other systems or websites, or upload
    individual pages from your computer; copy and paste content from
    Microsoft Word directly into the body of your web pages, preserving
    formatting while automatically cleaning up non-standard tags
  • Dynamic navigation
    - build section- and page-specific navigation elements based on folder
    structure, content categories, and other specific requirements
  • Components
    - insert and configure dynamic components within your web pages,
    including: listing of latest advocacy, fundraising, and event
    campaigns; send page to a friend; data forms; elected officials
    look-up; sign-up options; log-in capabilities; and dynamic,
    filters-based lists of documents and web pages
  • Role management
    - provide varying levels of access for authors, designers, and website
    administrators; assign roles to entire website or to specific folders
  • Administration tools
    - Full-text search, global search and replace, version control (draft,
    live, and previous versions), link management, and custom spell-check
    dictionary; highly flexible and customizable approval workflows that
    mirror your existing business rules
  • Comprehensive analytics - optional integration with WebTrends® On Demand, providing comprehensive website reporting and analytics