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Capwiz™ Features


The most popular
feature of Capwiz is the ability to quickly publish an Alert
that draws attention to a specific issue and makes it easy
for a site user to learn about the issue and take action.
With Capwiz you can choose to publish One-Click
or Two-Click

Contact the Government
Capwiz connects people with elected officials, agencies
and organizations. Users may e-mail members of Congress,
the President, other government officials or any recipient
of your choosing. Find members by ZIP Code or name search.
Users may send pre-written messages that you set up in the
Site Control Center, or compose their own messages. Features

Congressional Guide
A comprehensive and detailed guide to the 108th Congress
with easy-to-use search capabilities. Users may access information
about members, including photos, contact information, occupations,
e-mail, phone numbers, etc. Also included are committee
staff, rosters and congressional leadership information.


Contact your supporters online when you need to activate
them on an issue! A form on your Capwiz site allows
users to sign-up quickly. The information is accessed by
you via your password-protected site control center. Using
the site control center, subscribers can query the database
of information and create multiple lists for e-mailing.

Everyone who signs
up is entered into a searchable database that you can access
via your Capwiz site control center. You can create
lists by sorting the main database by a variety of fields
including, name, state, e-mail domain (i.e., and
congressional district.

Bill Status/Sponsor Track
visitors to your site to see your "key legislation" and tracks
cosponsor status for your key bills with daily updates (optional). This
feature also includes...


Sends you an e-mail
anytime a sponsor is added or dropped from a bill in your
Capwiz site. Also notifies you when floor action takes
place on a bill or if it is referred to committee or conference.

Votes Displayed
choose the votes that you wish to display on your ZIP search results
page and linked to the members' bio pages. This feature also

Tell a Friend
a user to send to one or more friends an e-mail with a link to any page
on your Capwiz site, including news, alerts, votes and other
legislative-related information. "Tell-A-Friend" icons are placed
throughout your Capwiz service.

Portable Advocacy Sticker
This powerful tool helps drive traffic to your site from
other sites, or from other parts of your own. It allows
users to easily copy HTML code that will allow them to have
a ZIP code search on their site. The search results page,
however, is on YOUR site.


Using this feature you may designate votes to be displayed
in a scorecard listing every member of Congress, how they
voted on each bill, and the frequency (displayed as a percentage)
each member supported your position on the series of votes.

the Media

Capwiz enables users to extend their reach beyond
Capitol Hill to the media. Users may send original or customized
e-mails, faxes and printed letters to members of the media,
based on city, state, type of media, etc.


Congress Today provides floor and committee schedules for the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate,
updated every day. Includes Searchable Committee Schedules.

Site Control

The password-protected site control center has an easy-to-use
format that allows you to control and update the content
of your Capwiz site. Capwiz reporting tools
in the site control center include E-mail statistics and
usage statistics.