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Take the Sandwich Test!

Take the Sandwich Test!


Can't tell the difference?

That's too bad, because almost all restaurant workers don't get paid sick days. Most can't even call in sick.

We hope your immune system is ready, because you're about to take the sandwich test...

Legislation has been filed to provide paid sick days for all Massachusetts workers. But the Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA) would like to keep things just the way they are. Their lobbyists are busy at work on Beacon Hill trying to kill the legislation.

Tell the MRA it's time to drop its opposition to providing employees with paid sick days. Call them at 508-303-9905 and let them know what you think. Don't patronize restaurants sporting the MRA sticker. And if you're wondering whether workers at your favorite restaurant get paid sick days – just ask your server!

Restaurant workers – remember that with paid sick days like anything else, what the politicians give us they can just as easily take away. In the long run, the way to improve wages, conditions and benefits in the restaurant industry is by organizing. If you're ready to start, contact the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) at 617-863-7920.

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Boston May Day 2011: Geoff Carens of the IWW

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Jimmy John's

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Collective Bargaining is a Contact Sport

Why Many Liberals Hate Unions


During a union-management contract negotiation it’s illegal for a company to “plead poverty.” They can’t legally tell the union reps that, as much as they’d like to give them those pay raises and improved benefits, they simply can’t afford it, because, alas, the additional costs would very likely bust them.

Why is that tactic illegal? For the simple reason that it’s a show-stopper, an H-bomb being dropped, an impossible bluff to call. What union in its right mind is going to insist on wage and benefit increases that will risk bankrupting the employer and causing the facility to shut down?

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Somerville News cartoon

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Victory at Haskon

Sisters and Brothers,

Over this past weekend Esterline Technologies improved its severance offer to UE Local 204 members at Haskon in Taunton, MA and then proceeded to threaten these UE members with the loss of their severance pay if the union continued to pursue attempts to stop the auction or negatively affect the company’s ability to get the highest profit for presses and equipment they don’t want.

UE Local 204 has stated to its members from the beginning that it would not jeopardize the severance pay unless there was a certainty of workers getting the presses and equipment. We do not have that certainty.

Therefore, the UE Local 204 executive board voted this afternoon to accept the company’s improved severance offer and to call off the action scheduled for Wednesday, January 19th at Haskon.

We will be issuing a more detailed release later tomorrow but wanted to make sure those supporters planning to participate in the action were made aware of the cancellation. On behalf of UE Local 204 members we want to thank everyone for their support and solidarity. We would not have gotten this far without it.

In Solidarity,

UE Local 204

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