Site upgraded to Drupal 5.1

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Ran into some initial problems that I thought were due to upgrading directly from 4.7 to 5.1 (without installing 5.0 in between) - but according to the trusty folks at opensourcehost, it seems to have been a result of one or two contributed modules. Still, I think I'll do any future 4.7-5.1 conversions in two steps, to be on the safe side...

I've enabled all the "core" Drupal modules on this site, along with these "contributed" ones:

captcha - turing test for site visitors

cck - enables creation of new node types

devel - drupal development tool

event - creates event content type

eventrepeat - for repeating events

feedfield - creates feeds from nodes

form_store - used by captcha

htmlcorrector - fixes ill-formed teasers


image - creates image content type

masquerade - to view site as test user

nodewords - lets you add keywords and descriptions to the HTML headers

tinymce- an HTML editor

views - create pages and blocks based on taxonomy

webform - for online forms

weblinks - creates web link data type

weight - allows for ordering of nodes on a page/block