Open letter to the University of Massachusetts

Bill Bumpus's picture


As a UMass graduate, I would like to like to raise my objection to your
support of a radio station, WTKK 96.9 Boston, that has refused to fire a
broadcaster, Jay Severin, after he called Mexicans primitive and stated
that their number one export was women with venereal disease. He is
currently suspended but I as decent human don’t feel that a radio
company should support indecent comments that are blatantly racist. This
is disgusting and your support of a radio station like this is just as
disgusting. To see what was said, you can watch this link. h?v=Mh3dR5QxB5U

I will be contacting other alumni to encourage them to withhold any
financial contibutions to UMass until this situation is resolved.

Thank you for your time,

Bill Bumpus '06