New Date! Stop the Auction at Haskon!

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New Date! Stop the Auction at Haskon!
Wed, 01/19/2011 - 6:00am - 5:00pm

January 19- 6 am
Esterline - Haskon Division
336 Weir St.
Taunton, MA

Esterline Technologies confirmed to UE Local 204 yesterday that they have cancelled the auction scheduled for December 14 and rescheduled it to January 17. As there is no auction on December 14 there is no action needed in Taunton....just yet. We thank everyone supporting Local 204's fight for justice... and jobs. We are meeting with the company today to continue the negotiations over justice (severance) and jobs.

Back in November we had contacted our city, state, and federal reps when we found out about the auction through regular internet searches. (The company sure wasn't going to tell us.) Our reps all sent letters to the company asking for a postponement to February 15. Then we sent out a request for assistance and support and for people to come to Taunton to help us stop the auction and we got responses of support and "we'll be there" from all over New England. The postponement is welcome but - It's still just a postponement. Esterline hasn't agreed to anything yet.. about UE Local 204 member's jobs or severance.

Tuesday night the mayor and the city council of Taunton voted unanimously to instruct the city solicitor to draft an ordinance requesting of the legislature a Home Rule Petition to take the presses and equipment at Haskon by eminent domain. This legislative step is necessary in this eminent domain proceeding due to the fact that Esterline leases the building and land and does not own is the case in most "takings". This is not an insignificant development. The end result of this process is that the company's assets can be taken by the city for job retention or creation that serves a "public purpose". It requires 3 readings and then it goes to the legislature in January and then back to the city council. Should the city decide to legally secure the presses and equipment it is because the employees have secured the funds necessary to buy it and in the next vote the city would sell it back to the employees. This is the legal avenue left to us to secure title to the tools of the trade which have given generations of UE Local 204 members the ability to make a living.

The company has a lease on the building until the end of April.

In solidarity,

UE Local 204