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To join the meeting through your browser go to: https://meet.jit.si/BostonLaborSolidarityCommittee

I know it's a little bit of extra work to try something new, but I believe a video conference will be much more like meeting in person than a phone conference. It will be easier to stay engaged when you can see the speaker. It's also easier to keep track of a speaker stack. There's no time like the present to figure out this technology.

For best results, download and install the app Jitsi Meet from https://meet.jit.si/ It is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and handheld devices like Android and iPhone. There's also an extension for running it in the Chrome browser, but the May First Collective recommends downloading the app for highest quality. Once you've downloaded it, open it up and test your webcam and microphone, just to make sure they work. You may have to turn them on, and/or grant permission for Jitsi to access them.